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Civil Society and NGOs

Dayse Marie Oliveira


Research Resources on Internet
Report Nº1, November 2005


The Edelstein Center for Social Research





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This report aims to identify research centers devoted to the study of Civil Society and NGOs. It contains a detailed presentation of 38 sites based on their own content, and, in the last chapter, a list of further 60 relevant sites. We hope that it will be a useful tool for social scientists and practitioners working in this field.

We are aware that many relevant sites are missing. This report will be periodically updated and expanded and we count with your support to send us other sites to be included in the next version.

The report is the first of our series on Internet Research Resources which the Edelstein Center for Social Research will be elaborating in the
different fields concerned with Civil Society and NGOs and their relations to the political system and the market.

Bernardo Sorj
The Edelstein Center for Social Research

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i. American Humanics

ii. Anda Voluntary Action - Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations - ARNOVA

iii. Aspen Institute Nonprofit Sector Research Fund

iv. Association of Fundraising Professionals

v. British Overseas Ngos for Development - BOND

vi. Centre for Civil Society Studies, Johns Hopkins University

vii. Centro de Estudos do Terceiro Setor - CETS/FGV/EASP

viii. Center for Humanitarian Cooperation - CHC

ix. Center on International Cooperation - CIC

x. Centre for Civil Society London School of Economics - CCS

xi. Centre for Civil Society University of California, Los Angeles, USA - CCS

xii. Centre for The Study of Global Governance

xiii. Canadian International Development Agency - CIDA

xiv. Centre on Citizenship, Participation and Accountability - Citizenship DRC

xv. Civicus - World Alliance for Citizen Participation

xvi. Centre for the Study of Democracy - CSD, University of Westminster

xvii. Department for International Development - DFDI

xviii. Development Initiatives - DI

xix. Duke University Perkins Library - Non-Governmental Organizations - Research Guide

xx. Ford Foundation

xxi. Global Policy Forum

xxii. Institute for Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester - IDPM

xxiii. Institute of Development Studies - IDS

xxiv. International NGO Training and Research Centre - INTRAC

xxv. Internacional Society for Third Sector Research - ISTR

xxvi. Overseas Development Institute - ODI

xxvii. Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development - OECD

xxviii. Rede de Informações para o Terceiro Setor - RITS

xxix. Social Science Research Network - SSRN

xxx. Southern African NGO Network - Sangonet

xxxi. The Edelstein Center for Social Research

xxxii. The Humanitarianism and War Project

xxxiii. The World Summit on the Information Society Civil Society Meeting Point

xxxiv. United Nations: Partners in Civil Society

xxxv. Unesco

xxxvi. United Nations Researche Institute for Social Development - UNRISD

xxxvii. World Bank Group

xxxviii. Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin Für Sozialforschung - WZB

Other research sites